Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peace of spirit, pure power

The more Im studying myself as a Witch and the Craft, Im finding theres so much more evolution and reincarnation within the craft than I gave it credit for in the beginning.  Recently I've been disciplining myself more and more to do meditation and now I've decided to start yoga. I've been fighting taking on meditation so much in the past because I never thought it was something that could be needed within the craft. I never felt there was any cultural or historical connection to the old Craft of the Celts or the West European traditions so I dismissed it. More and more I am realizing how very close hearted and minded this is. Magic and its uses has never been, I believe, about set rules of magic played out against a certain cultural background. Instead, its about evolving with culture and the changes of the people. Its about evolving your skills as the earth calls you to.
I use to have a great idea of what peace and harmony of self was but now that idea is changing into something much more whole and flowing, willing to cut throw challenges in myself as water cuts the rock of the mountains. Magick and being a Witch is about reaching beyond, further and deeper into the very heart of the Mother moon and Father sun. Magic and being a Witch is teaching me that magic does not depend on us as practitioners. We depend of Magick. We depend of it because it much run through us and all that we are both inside and through the world to connect, empower, grow, find the wise dark rage hidden within and not be afraid of its strength it can teach us, and most of all our ability to change as the great Mother Earth much change!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Sacredness of Old Knowledge

Something has been growing on my mind lately and that is how important knowledge is and whether its right to just share wisdom and knowledge so openly. I've come to the conclusion that its not a good thing. Knowledge, to the ancients and ancestors of the Craft, was held as power and something very sacred. I don't believe they would have just told anyone about how they think or what they do and where the knowledge came from. Witches and wise ones of old were silent about the knowledge they gained and retained. It was knowledge that if released, was put forth from them. Knowledge and information is more than just words, vowels, letters. It was centuries of understanding, centuries of studying handed down. When people write websites on the Craft and tell of how to do things in the Craft they are increasing the chance to abuse such beautiful knowledge every second. A person is either a Witch or not. No one can become a witch by choice, they either are or aren't. To be a witch is to feel every breath of the air, every drop of rain of the earth and every heartbeat of the beasts of the earth.
            My father once told me something when I was little that to this day is still teaching me great wisdom. He told me, "Always watch for the quiet ones". I understood what he was getting at then to a certain degree, but it wasn't until recently that I truly appreciated it and found this knowledge important.
           I once observed a Native American elder at a pow wow once, and She had proven to me the power of what my dad told me. I realized that the elder never spoke unless they had something important to say and worth saying. Our ancestors had to learn all this information on their own. Once in a great while someone was able to learn from a teacher but not often. We today are trying to write down and learn everything they knew but we're not trying to understand how they figured it out or the wisdom that was gained through finding the knowledge. Knowledge should never be given, but gained. Otherwise, they're just words we stamp on our minds. True wisdom is gain when we realize we must fight for something worth having. This is the same with witchcraft.
      When we throw around this ancient knowledge on the internet without realizing who reads it, anyone can take down the info and rip it apart. Is that what our ancestors would have wanted? Is this what they struggled to keep the knowledge secret for?
        Indeed the internet can be a grand thing to find things on, but could it also be the end of great wisdom?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old vs. Modern Medicine

I've been very much into herbalism lately besides everything else I'm learning of course. Though somehow soon after taking on its great knowledge though I started to figure out that its not just "herbalism" that contains medicine in the world of the Witch. In reality, everything a Witch does on some extent is medicine for either themselves or the world around them. It's very old knowledge that a Witch who wishes to bring pain and suffering to another will only bring three times that onto themselves. This is not just warning. 
Modern practitioners of medicine today may have intentions of wanting to help people to some degree but there are simply to many things which keep them from doing so. Money received, insurance, laws, hours of business that limit their ability to reach out, a degree, and even to some extent their righteous role in the community. Healing has become either a form of income or a way to please the family anymore. When a person come to the doctors for help, money is the largest factor. Healing no a days is limited by the bottles produced and the needles available when in truth there is no limit to the supply of medicine a doctor can supply. There have been movies, such as Patch Adams, which try to make clear that for the most part medicine has forgotten the that a doctor is not simply a person full of knowledge and names of the latest brand of pain killer. Instead a doctor is a healer and one that gives them whole self to heal pain and suffering. 
The Witch has never forgotten for thousands and thousands of years that it takes the whole being of a healer to help another. A Witch, Shaman, or medicine person looks upon another in pain as not simply a person created in brotherhood but a creature of Mother Goddess. In this can be understood that the Mother Goddess is one of creations, continuation, preservations, rejuvenation. medicine is never determined by the newest knowledge but the oldest knowledge. A Witch can do the same healer to many times a more potent degree without the fancy names and shiniest toys. What we use is the bright Dandelion, the laughing rosemary, the strong tree bark. The more distant the modern medicine world get from the patient the less potent they are. The medicine that the human body needs does not stop at the actual herb, tincture, salve, etc. No, the healer of the old ways never stops with the item they are using, they continue with using their spirit and energy, their whole being to bring healing through spells, incantations, etc. Its obvious that the current day in age is striving to bring our world back to the old knowledge which in all reality is not that far gone, considering that the technology of modern medicine and manipulations that have slowly destroyed healing have only taken off in the turn of the 19th century really. Before then, medicine was, for the most part, still holding onto the old ways. Sadly population has outgrown the number of wise-men, medicine women, witches, or shamans. Hopefully with time and a struggle to take back our humanity, the wise healer of the old ways will take back the honorable and well deserved roll of teacher and healer. One can only hope, for the sake of us all. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tarot and my journey with them so far.

I have not been reading tarot cards that long as many have though I am coming to a new relationship with them. When I was making the decision to begin my journey as a Witch I knew I always found tarot cards fascinating though they seriously terrified me. Don't forget that I am Catholic and at that point my faith convinced me that tarot told the future and telling the future was against everything I had been taught until that point. I went and found this little joint that was a flee market in a bad part of Toledo, Ohio where I was living at the time. I walked into this building where on the outside it looked like it could be condemned and on the inside I was expecting to find homeless people and swindlers. What I found what not the cleanest place in the world although it was people simply trying to make a living how they could. I found this booth that sold pagan items (mostly for Witches). I met the gentleman there and it was obvious that this was a place that I seemed out of place in. You see I was a Catholic girl from a clean cut Irish/German Catholic family and to be at that booth  was not something one would ever imagine of me. I talked to the gentleman a bit and asked about the decks and about any books to start my path in Witchcraft with. He pointed out a few and I took them. What Ill never forget though is that feeling of anxiousness I had deciding to pick up my deck of cards from the bottom of the shelf and say to the gentleman that they were the ones I wanted. That day I also bought a pendulum, something I also deeply looked forward to learning. I remember going home and opening up the tarot deck of the Faery Wicca cards and their beautiful celtic artwork. I was sooo terrified that the moment I opened the deck I would literally condemn myself to hell and be banished from God. I took a chance anyways and opened the deck with a nervous heart. I skimmed through the deck to view the pictures and colors. I was filled with wonderful delight. I began to read the book page after page and feeling anxious to take everything in. I spent night after night laying down card after card with different thoughts and questions in my mind and finding the relationships with the cards to the questions. Its been a good 6 months now since I began my journey with the deck and I have not bought another. I am sitting here again laying card after card down and realizing that these cards are indeed showing me my own journey. They are revealing to me my journey of finding the wisdom within myself. What an amazing feeling as I lay the cards down how each picture speak a different though connecting truth to me. I am realizing that the fear is all gone of these cards. 
The truth about the tarot cards is this. They do not tell the future. They instead reveal what the possible future could be if one continues on the path they are on. The cards reveal your true self right there in front of you. They are the mirror you look at yourself with. They show you what you need to know about yourself. Their lay out or order is determined by the thoughts you have while shuffling them. They are indeed a beautiful revelation. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grimoir vs. Book of Shadows

Ive been doing a lot of reading and research lately as I begin my path in Witchcraft and with all this time off without a job its kinda hard not to do a lot of reading. : (  I cam upon a website some time back with a section dedication to the differences between a Grimoir and a Book of Shadows. I read that a Grimoir is not a Book of Shadows historically. For the most part the Grimoir is simply your collection of knowledge and notes and journals you have created over time from your studies. The Book of Shadows on the other hand is not simply your collection of gathered knowledge but rather it is a almost sacred tool which holds your spells, incantations, rituals, etc. The Book of Shadows is one that is secret from the eyes of the world and only you may see its pages. It is bound to your power with you being bound to it. The very use of it by the owner allows it to build up more and more energy and spirit from the owner exerting themselves through the book. When on outsider has even a glimpse of the book it becomes less of you and less of your power because another is partaking in your power. This is why they knowledge and facts and figures must be kept separate. You must only use the Book of Shadows for your magical workings and never for a quick glimpse or to get information on a moments notice. It detracts the power of the book you have put in. For all these reasons a Book of Shadows should never be a quickly made book of printed out pages from your computer because A) most of the knowledge, spells, what have you that the average practitioner today prints out is gathered and created by someone else so it would contain zip of your own energy and B) when a witch sits down after have earned knowledge from reading and studying and meditating and HAND WRITES the knowledge within them onto the pages, the energy of your very self is literally going onto the pages. THINK ABOUT IT. Your energy cant go through your keyboard onto a printed sheet from anthers library of is not you going onto the page! For these very reasons a with should alway way to create their Book of Shadows after a good amour of time practicing and learning. Only then can they truly share true power earned with their handwritten, powerful, and most important secret Book of Shadows.
A Grimoir on the other hand is the journey you take through the path of Witchcraft. It can either be a single individual book of your learning or it can be the title of your entire library. Many things can be a Grimoir. A dream diary is a Grimoir. A tarot journal is a Grimoir. The collection of correspondences with the sun signs or colors, numbers, etc. is a Grimoir. It is the pride of a Witch because it should contain the years and months of deep thought, searching, learning, empowering. This is where you can use up those old three ring binders and loose sheets of paper or see through page holders. Its the Witch's library. Take in knowledge, think, learn, contemplate, search.





Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Frustrated Me

Im just going to say can really suck to be a witch when you can't tell anyone you know like family or close friends. Reason being that I come from a very Irish Catholic family and I would be rejected completely if I were to ever say anything having to do with supernatural or anything witchy like. I wish I could just tell everyone I know how proud I am to feel the spirit of the Witch as I do. I would love the idea of people knowing my knowledge, though it would be secret to myself, and them once in a while asking to assist them in something. There was once a time when the shaman or wise person of a tribe or culture was respected and revered. That time is so far paste. Sometimes I do feel the Christian church is to blame but at the same I know what I feel within my Catholic faith is solid and pure. The thing you might not know about me yet is that although I do say I'm a Witch (privately) Im also strongly Catholic. Yeah...I know. Conflicting it seems. Not to me though. So why can't the church have respect for those that feel the spirit of the universe within them just as strongly if not stronger? I am somewhat young in my path as a Witch though I know its roots are deep and will be around for the rest of my life. Its so hard to live in a house with my husband who hates the idea of me being a Witch. It would be so nice to even enjoy the beauty of the Craft inside my own home. Ever been there?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contacting Spirits

The spirit world has always been apart of who I am. I have never had the gift of visibly seeing them though I can feel them giving and receiving energy. I feel their emotions and intentions to be specific. Though I notice that this is only possible with the spirit world. Ever since I had learned this about myself I had always felt it important to understand the importance of our relationship to the spirits. It is crucial that we have respect for them as they do us. They are in a state where they see the power of our existence and its boundaries. Therefore, we should strive to do the same.

Methods of communication

It is the act of disciplined contemplation and reflection. Disciplined meditation strives for a state of enlightenment. It is best to reach this state before attempting to communication with the other side of the vale though communication is still possible without being highly experienced. Once a person can reach the state of clearing their mind completely and being attuned to their own mind and spirit, they will be able to receive and hear messages from the spirit world more clearly. The more one practices the better the communication will become. 

Astral Projection
It is a much deeper form of meditation in which the spirit of a person will separate from the body and will travel to other places in time or planes outside of time. It would be best to become more experienced at meditation before attempting this. Taking small steps is the best way of learning. Becoming more and more adapt at traveling the multi-dimensional planes of existence, one becomes able to take on more knowledge and understanding as the experience of projecting to other planes becomes more natural. 

Automatic Writing/Drawing
This is the process of allowing the spirits to guide your hand in writing what they would like to say or convey. A blind fold is often recommended simply because one can completely separate themselves from the light of the world more fully. This process requires a state of peaceful relaxation in order for you to allow your body part in any way to have intervention. This experience is a mutual agreement between you and the spirits. 

Ouija Spirit Boards
This is the most well known of communicate in our day and age simply because of its accessibility. Anyone can go to the toy store and pick up the board without having any appreciation for its history or power and it can often times because the more dangerous tool of communication because of those very reasons. This is the use of a tool called a Planchett which the spirit uses to convey their answers to questions given by us. It is often used by two or more being at one time though one person can indeed work the board. Though this is usually not the case is the single operator is not dedicated to the task. It is widely noted that before ending this method that one should alway return the planchett to "good bye" or else the spirit will continue to be present on the board or planchett. This I can not agree or disagree with though. 

This method almost always uses the use of a knowledgable medium though it would be naive to say everyone is this careful. The group focuses their energy to the medium in order that the medium can in return open up the minds eye of all participants to the spirit world. Often times this attempt can draw in power hungry and vicious people that wish to leave the spirit world at unrest in order to get a buck out of the gullible costumer. This practice is now a days more of a private and unadvertised practice for the sake of staying away from the wrong reasons. 

Vision Quests
An ancient tradition common with old European, African, and Native American traditions. It is to exercise extreme physical action in order to allow the mind to enter a state of connection with spirit guides. This can include sweat lodges, physical exertion (running in the heat), and some cultures use hallucinogenics to enable the vision quest. Physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines are essential in order to have an effective vision quest. 

Invoking Spirits
This is a technique most utilized by Pagans. This method utilizes calling upon the elements of the spirit in which one is invoking. The natural elements can often times be used. 

Lucid Dreaming
This is dreaming that is controlled by the dreamer. It can take much practice and dedication to reach this method. One should alway begin with trying to master remembering their dreams first. Once this can be mastered, on should be able to control the details of each dream.