Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contacting Spirits

The spirit world has always been apart of who I am. I have never had the gift of visibly seeing them though I can feel them giving and receiving energy. I feel their emotions and intentions to be specific. Though I notice that this is only possible with the spirit world. Ever since I had learned this about myself I had always felt it important to understand the importance of our relationship to the spirits. It is crucial that we have respect for them as they do us. They are in a state where they see the power of our existence and its boundaries. Therefore, we should strive to do the same.

Methods of communication

It is the act of disciplined contemplation and reflection. Disciplined meditation strives for a state of enlightenment. It is best to reach this state before attempting to communication with the other side of the vale though communication is still possible without being highly experienced. Once a person can reach the state of clearing their mind completely and being attuned to their own mind and spirit, they will be able to receive and hear messages from the spirit world more clearly. The more one practices the better the communication will become. 

Astral Projection
It is a much deeper form of meditation in which the spirit of a person will separate from the body and will travel to other places in time or planes outside of time. It would be best to become more experienced at meditation before attempting this. Taking small steps is the best way of learning. Becoming more and more adapt at traveling the multi-dimensional planes of existence, one becomes able to take on more knowledge and understanding as the experience of projecting to other planes becomes more natural. 

Automatic Writing/Drawing
This is the process of allowing the spirits to guide your hand in writing what they would like to say or convey. A blind fold is often recommended simply because one can completely separate themselves from the light of the world more fully. This process requires a state of peaceful relaxation in order for you to allow your body part in any way to have intervention. This experience is a mutual agreement between you and the spirits. 

Ouija Spirit Boards
This is the most well known of communicate in our day and age simply because of its accessibility. Anyone can go to the toy store and pick up the board without having any appreciation for its history or power and it can often times because the more dangerous tool of communication because of those very reasons. This is the use of a tool called a Planchett which the spirit uses to convey their answers to questions given by us. It is often used by two or more being at one time though one person can indeed work the board. Though this is usually not the case is the single operator is not dedicated to the task. It is widely noted that before ending this method that one should alway return the planchett to "good bye" or else the spirit will continue to be present on the board or planchett. This I can not agree or disagree with though. 

This method almost always uses the use of a knowledgable medium though it would be naive to say everyone is this careful. The group focuses their energy to the medium in order that the medium can in return open up the minds eye of all participants to the spirit world. Often times this attempt can draw in power hungry and vicious people that wish to leave the spirit world at unrest in order to get a buck out of the gullible costumer. This practice is now a days more of a private and unadvertised practice for the sake of staying away from the wrong reasons. 

Vision Quests
An ancient tradition common with old European, African, and Native American traditions. It is to exercise extreme physical action in order to allow the mind to enter a state of connection with spirit guides. This can include sweat lodges, physical exertion (running in the heat), and some cultures use hallucinogenics to enable the vision quest. Physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines are essential in order to have an effective vision quest. 

Invoking Spirits
This is a technique most utilized by Pagans. This method utilizes calling upon the elements of the spirit in which one is invoking. The natural elements can often times be used. 

Lucid Dreaming
This is dreaming that is controlled by the dreamer. It can take much practice and dedication to reach this method. One should alway begin with trying to master remembering their dreams first. Once this can be mastered, on should be able to control the details of each dream. 

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