Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peace of spirit, pure power

The more Im studying myself as a Witch and the Craft, Im finding theres so much more evolution and reincarnation within the craft than I gave it credit for in the beginning.  Recently I've been disciplining myself more and more to do meditation and now I've decided to start yoga. I've been fighting taking on meditation so much in the past because I never thought it was something that could be needed within the craft. I never felt there was any cultural or historical connection to the old Craft of the Celts or the West European traditions so I dismissed it. More and more I am realizing how very close hearted and minded this is. Magic and its uses has never been, I believe, about set rules of magic played out against a certain cultural background. Instead, its about evolving with culture and the changes of the people. Its about evolving your skills as the earth calls you to.
I use to have a great idea of what peace and harmony of self was but now that idea is changing into something much more whole and flowing, willing to cut throw challenges in myself as water cuts the rock of the mountains. Magick and being a Witch is about reaching beyond, further and deeper into the very heart of the Mother moon and Father sun. Magic and being a Witch is teaching me that magic does not depend on us as practitioners. We depend of Magick. We depend of it because it much run through us and all that we are both inside and through the world to connect, empower, grow, find the wise dark rage hidden within and not be afraid of its strength it can teach us, and most of all our ability to change as the great Mother Earth much change!

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