Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Sacredness of Old Knowledge

Something has been growing on my mind lately and that is how important knowledge is and whether its right to just share wisdom and knowledge so openly. I've come to the conclusion that its not a good thing. Knowledge, to the ancients and ancestors of the Craft, was held as power and something very sacred. I don't believe they would have just told anyone about how they think or what they do and where the knowledge came from. Witches and wise ones of old were silent about the knowledge they gained and retained. It was knowledge that if released, was put forth from them. Knowledge and information is more than just words, vowels, letters. It was centuries of understanding, centuries of studying handed down. When people write websites on the Craft and tell of how to do things in the Craft they are increasing the chance to abuse such beautiful knowledge every second. A person is either a Witch or not. No one can become a witch by choice, they either are or aren't. To be a witch is to feel every breath of the air, every drop of rain of the earth and every heartbeat of the beasts of the earth.
            My father once told me something when I was little that to this day is still teaching me great wisdom. He told me, "Always watch for the quiet ones". I understood what he was getting at then to a certain degree, but it wasn't until recently that I truly appreciated it and found this knowledge important.
           I once observed a Native American elder at a pow wow once, and She had proven to me the power of what my dad told me. I realized that the elder never spoke unless they had something important to say and worth saying. Our ancestors had to learn all this information on their own. Once in a great while someone was able to learn from a teacher but not often. We today are trying to write down and learn everything they knew but we're not trying to understand how they figured it out or the wisdom that was gained through finding the knowledge. Knowledge should never be given, but gained. Otherwise, they're just words we stamp on our minds. True wisdom is gain when we realize we must fight for something worth having. This is the same with witchcraft.
      When we throw around this ancient knowledge on the internet without realizing who reads it, anyone can take down the info and rip it apart. Is that what our ancestors would have wanted? Is this what they struggled to keep the knowledge secret for?
        Indeed the internet can be a grand thing to find things on, but could it also be the end of great wisdom?

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