Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Frustrated Me

Im just going to say can really suck to be a witch when you can't tell anyone you know like family or close friends. Reason being that I come from a very Irish Catholic family and I would be rejected completely if I were to ever say anything having to do with supernatural or anything witchy like. I wish I could just tell everyone I know how proud I am to feel the spirit of the Witch as I do. I would love the idea of people knowing my knowledge, though it would be secret to myself, and them once in a while asking to assist them in something. There was once a time when the shaman or wise person of a tribe or culture was respected and revered. That time is so far paste. Sometimes I do feel the Christian church is to blame but at the same I know what I feel within my Catholic faith is solid and pure. The thing you might not know about me yet is that although I do say I'm a Witch (privately) Im also strongly Catholic. Yeah...I know. Conflicting it seems. Not to me though. So why can't the church have respect for those that feel the spirit of the universe within them just as strongly if not stronger? I am somewhat young in my path as a Witch though I know its roots are deep and will be around for the rest of my life. Its so hard to live in a house with my husband who hates the idea of me being a Witch. It would be so nice to even enjoy the beauty of the Craft inside my own home. Ever been there?

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