Those with a mystic heart be blessed! The path of the Craft is not for all but it turns away none. So much of who we are and what we believe has been misunderstood and twisted for so many years. A way of peace of great knowledge is ahead of you now that you have chosen to read my words. Will you choose to listen?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old vs. Modern Medicine

I've been very much into herbalism lately besides everything else I'm learning of course. Though somehow soon after taking on its great knowledge though I started to figure out that its not just "herbalism" that contains medicine in the world of the Witch. In reality, everything a Witch does on some extent is medicine for either themselves or the world around them. It's very old knowledge that a Witch who wishes to bring pain and suffering to another will only bring three times that onto themselves. This is not just warning. 
Modern practitioners of medicine today may have intentions of wanting to help people to some degree but there are simply to many things which keep them from doing so. Money received, insurance, laws, hours of business that limit their ability to reach out, a degree, and even to some extent their righteous role in the community. Healing has become either a form of income or a way to please the family anymore. When a person come to the doctors for help, money is the largest factor. Healing no a days is limited by the bottles produced and the needles available when in truth there is no limit to the supply of medicine a doctor can supply. There have been movies, such as Patch Adams, which try to make clear that for the most part medicine has forgotten the that a doctor is not simply a person full of knowledge and names of the latest brand of pain killer. Instead a doctor is a healer and one that gives them whole self to heal pain and suffering. 
The Witch has never forgotten for thousands and thousands of years that it takes the whole being of a healer to help another. A Witch, Shaman, or medicine person looks upon another in pain as not simply a person created in brotherhood but a creature of Mother Goddess. In this can be understood that the Mother Goddess is one of creations, continuation, preservations, rejuvenation. medicine is never determined by the newest knowledge but the oldest knowledge. A Witch can do the same healer to many times a more potent degree without the fancy names and shiniest toys. What we use is the bright Dandelion, the laughing rosemary, the strong tree bark. The more distant the modern medicine world get from the patient the less potent they are. The medicine that the human body needs does not stop at the actual herb, tincture, salve, etc. No, the healer of the old ways never stops with the item they are using, they continue with using their spirit and energy, their whole being to bring healing through spells, incantations, etc. Its obvious that the current day in age is striving to bring our world back to the old knowledge which in all reality is not that far gone, considering that the technology of modern medicine and manipulations that have slowly destroyed healing have only taken off in the turn of the 19th century really. Before then, medicine was, for the most part, still holding onto the old ways. Sadly population has outgrown the number of wise-men, medicine women, witches, or shamans. Hopefully with time and a struggle to take back our humanity, the wise healer of the old ways will take back the honorable and well deserved roll of teacher and healer. One can only hope, for the sake of us all. 

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